Inktober – Day 7

You know the drill. An ink drawing every day throughout Inktober. Each day has a prompt word. Today’s prompt is FANCY.

Mrs P suggested a French Fancy. When Mrs P ‘suggests’ something I tend to take it more as an instruction. You know? Like when she ‘suggests’ we go out for dinner, or that the lawn might need mowing.

So, French Fancy it is.

Now, if there are any French people out there they will be saying; French Fancy? Qu’est-ce que c’est? For the humble French Fancy is about as French as Roast Beef. Or, as the French would say; “Roast Beef.” Yes, I know they are the same, that’s because you didn’t do the accent. Try again, with the accent… Better?

So, here is my drawing, unfortunately in black & white (well, pale yellow), of a French Fancy…

Fancy that

Now, if you’ve never had a French Fancy (for example if you are French) you will be unaware what an ace drawing this is. So, here is a photo of one.

Mr Kipling’s French Fancies

Well, actually that is not just one but a box of 8. This is not advertising, well, maybe a bit. (ASIDE: Dear Mr Kipling, Can I have some free cake please?), for twas the great Mr Kipling who, if you believe Wikipedia, invented the cake and introduced it to the British in 1967.

Enough about cake. I’m getting hungry.

Tomorrow’s prompt is TEETH. Who knows what will turn up. I haven’t bought my new pens yet and haven’t tried colour, but it’s only a matter of time.