Inktober – Day 24 – DIG

Today’s Inktober 2020 prompt word is DIG. I instantly thought of that subterranian paragon of digging; the animal that is the very definition of the word; the humble and much maligned mole. I’m sure if we had moles in our garden I would be less of a fan, but we don’t, so I think they are cute little critters.

I did however, wonder what they get up to down there. I thought I would portray a mole watching the TV, but how can a mole, with little in the way of eyes, get any enjoyment from watching the TV? So, I checked out the interweb for inspiration and got to wondering how come they always look so clean when they are constantly digging in mud? And that is where I got the idea. So, here at last, is the truth of what it is they do down there and how they always look so darned clean.

The documentary makers rarely show you the truth of what moles get up to underground

Here’s a close up of Mr Mole…

The truth about why moles always look so clean

Tomorrow’s prompt word is BUDDY. See you tomorrow my friend.

Once again, I’ve included a Link to the instagram #Inktober2020dig page with thousands more submissions by people around the world who are also taking part in Inktober. I’m certainly not alone in my choice of subject today.

Also included is a link to my Instagram page where you can see all my submissions so far.

Inktober – Day 21 – SLEEP

Today’s Inktober prompt word is SLEEP and, since Mrs P didn’t like my choice of subject matter yesterday (CORAL), I let her choose the subject. It wasn’t too hard to guess what she would choose since we have been feeding a hedgehog in our garden for some months now whilst he/she (I don’t think they do the non-gender specific thing) gets ready to hibernate.

I thought that just a sleeping hedgehog, whilst cute, might be a bit dull. So, I decided to add a little alarm clock. I’m pretty convinced that they must have something to wake them up in time for spring. It can’t be just instinct and hunger can it? Certainly not in my imagination.

I’m quite pleased with this one. the hedgehog is based loosely on a photo I found on the Interweb. The clock is from my imagination, the leaves too, since you ask.

See you in the spring litle feller

Here’s a bit of detail for you…

I could do with one of those clocks

I’ve included a [link] to the instagram #Inktober2020sleep page with thousands more submissions by people around the world who are also taking part in Inktober. Some are professionals. Some should be professionals. Many make my efforts look pretty average. Do take a look. they are great fun. (There’s always a lot of cats for some reason.)

Also included is a link to my Instagram page where you can see all my 21 submissions so far.

Inktober 2020 – Day 20 – CORAL

Todays’ Inktober prompt word is CORAL. Mrs P, as an ex-diver, was keen that I do some amazing drawing of coral, fish and divers etc. However, when I think of coral, unfortunately, I think of the terrible damage that the human race is doing to the fragile stuff.

Mrs P was therefore less than impressed with today’s offering. She said; “It’s good, but it isn’t going up on the wall.” Mrs P gets very upset about this kind of thing. In that respect she has a lot in common with Prince William’s 7 year old son George (third in line to the British throne for my foreign readers).

Prince William recently said that his son, Prince George, got ‘so sad’ watching Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary, A life On Our Planet, they had to turn it off. Sir David’s documentary may not have been exclusively about coral, but the same applies. It is is really sad. Mrs P won’t watch wildlife documentaries for that very reason.

Here’s the drawing…

Coral and the damage we all do

It’s not my best drawing, but the sentiment is from the heart. Here’s a depressing close-up.

The damage we all do

This next close-up really only shows how average the drawing is if you zoom in. If you look from a distance it is better (by that thinking perhaps I should view all my drawings from a distance of no less than 200 metres?). I’m not looking for praise. I know my limitations. I am pleased that this month of daily drawings is definitely improving my, for want of a better word, skill.

A splash of colour from the one and only, the remarkably, fragile Mother Nature

Tomorrow’s prompt word is SLEEP and I have let Mrs P choose the subject.

Sleep well (Thought I’d get in a quick pun before the pun monster gets started.)





Inktober – Days 15 & 16 – Outpost & Rocket

I can only apologise as I have been somewhat remiss. I didn’t post anything for Inktober yesterday, so am having to do a double today. Very sorry. I did manage to post on Instagram and therefore Facecloth too. My excuse is a fair one I think. Yesterday was the father-in-law’s 80th birthday.

Now don’t be getting any ideas about the pater-in-law. He’s far from your average 80 year old. He goes rowing at least twice a week, hiking, gardening and is sometimes quite difficult to keep up with.

Anyway, the excitement of birthday celebrations and being taken out to dinner meant that I had little time for posting.

Based on the well known fact that there is always a silver lining, this means that today you get 2 ink drawings. Lucky you. The first is based on the prompt word OUTPOST and is from Inktober day 15.

OUTPOST – Day 15

I love this drawing. It may be my favourite because it combines two of my favourite things. Mountains and snow. I could definitely live in that outpost. Well, I could if it weren’t for the cat. Great to draw, but not so great in real life as I am allergic to the cute little feline critters.

The prompt word for -day 16 of Inktober is ROCKET. I’ve already drawn a rocket (see day 9), so you can imagine where I started. He’s my offering…


I’m convinced that alien life will be not just friendly, but usefully so.

Tomorrow’s prompt word is STORM. Hmmmm…




Inktober – Day 14 – Armour

Today’s Inktober 2020 prompt word is ARMOR (I’m going to forgive the American spelling, though it grates to do so). I’ve gone with the medieval definition of armour (see, we’re back to the English spelling. I just can’t help myself).

ARMOR: Noun: Any covering worn as a defense against weapons; A suit of armor.

ASIDE: I can’t help noticing that they spelt ‘Defence’ wrong too!

But I digress.

Meanwhile, back on the subject. I always wanted to be a knight when I was a kid. I played with the toys. Longed for the toy castle and, as I got older, read numerous stories of King Arthur and his knights. Anyway, the childhood longings have inspired today’s drawing. Inked using the laptop yet again, I tried to stick with the black and white ‘rule’, but just had to add a bit of colour.

No Dragons were harmed in the making of this blog

I’m still obsessed with Knights in shining armour and all that stuff. In the summer of last year Mrs P and I went to a medieval re-enactment fesitval in Northern Italy. Splendid stuff. I wrote a blog about it entitled The Knights who say, “Ni!”, which you can read by clicking on the link. Lots of photos, like the one below, which is included to whet your appetite.

I can but dream

So, that’s a photo of how I always wanted to look as a kid. Those of you who know me (and those who looked at the old blog page) will know that I never quite had the hair for it.

Tomorrow’s prompt word is OUTPOST.

See you tomorrow



Inktober – Day 13 – Dune

Today’s Inktober 2020 prompt word is DUNE. Defined as…

“A mound or ridge of sand or other loose sediment formed by the wind, especially on the sea coast or in a desert.

I did think of drawing a sand dune with a large sandworm (and perhaps an even bigger Hedgehog) from the book Dune (though not the hedgehog). However, I can’t picture a dune without thinking of those magnificent ships of the desert, the ubiquitous camel. I’ve gone for a dromedary (one hump) as opposed to a bactrian (two humps), as I have some small experience of the former and precisely none of the latter.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with. I did the usual black & white version, but I am also treating you to a colour version, if you read on.

Inktober – Day 13 – Dune

I had an easy time drawing this one as I didn’t have to scrabble around for the time it usually takes me to draw. My secret? A very dull, hour long online meeting, in which I had very little to say. Noone had their cameras activated so, by the end of the meeting I had the draft drawing and had done 90% of the inking. I could do with a daily meeting of that type… well… daily.

As I said, I also played with the colour. And here’s the result.

Colour Camel (That’s fun to say. Try it. Go on. You know you want to)

I decided to do colour fill only. No shading. Let me know what you think.

Tomorrow’s prompt word is ARMOUR. And, because I have some spare time, I may just start drawing tonight. See you tomorrow.



Inktober – Day 12 – Slippery

Today’s Inktober was always going to be a joy. SLIPPERY. This links nicely to my favourite version of water. The frozen variety. Snow, ice. Skiing, ice climbing and, of course, good old fashioned sliding on the slippery stuff. Back in the day, when we had real winters, I remember making slides on the ice in the most inappropriate places. You know, outside old people’s homes. That kind of thing. For those who live in warmer climes perhaps you will remember the Penguin Christmas skating party from The Muppet Christmas Carol?

Anyway, without the reference to Christmas, (Spoiler alert: Only 74 days to go!) the sliding is where I got my idea. I just LOVE ice, snow. Hang on, I already said that.

Today I thought I would share a bit of the process. Still using the tablet and the Leonardo Software.

Here’s what I drew…


And here’s how I did it. Open the software; select a new blank drawing and select the ink option…

Leopnardo Software with Ink Pen option

I start with a pencil outline. There’s a pencil option too!

Pencil rough sketch

Then I ink over it…

Rough sketch plus the ink layer

…and hide the pencil layer

Et voila!




Inktober – Day 11 – Disgusting

Today’s Inktober challenge, I’ve decided it’s more a challenge than a prompt, is the word DISGUSTING. I’m still using the tablet for drawing and today have decided to ‘treat‘ you to two drawings for the price of one. The same drawing, but one in colour and one black and white. For those old enough to get the reference, you can only look at the colour one if you have the requisite colour licence. For those too young, or who live outside the UK, don’t worry too much about it.

B&W Poo Monster

Then, because you can’t keep an average artist down, here’s the colour version…

Colour Poo monster

I suppose it’s all down to which you fnd the most disgusting.

Tomorrow’s challenge/prompt word is SLIPPERY.

See you then



Inktober – Day 10

HOPE. That’s the Inktober prompt for today. It’s also the current world prompt; Hope.

Hope the pandemic ends; hope the environment will be ok; hope for an end to all wars; hope for love and peace; hope the right person gets elected; hope the Europeans forgive us and, of course, Bob Hope.

With such high ideals I have of course come up with something very flippant for my Inktober submission today. My own personal, perenial hope…

One day…

Once again I drew this on my tablet, but today decided not to use the colours to show you just how similar to the real thing i.e. an ink pen, the software is. I can’t tell the difference. The good thing is the [Undo] button. For when I accidentally draw his head wrong.

This idea is based on my perenial idea that, if I train hard enough in the gym, I too can have a body like Hercules. Despite all the other exercises I do that insist on keeping me irritatingly thin. First World problems eh?

Tomorrow’s Prompt word is DISGUSTING. I think that I may have to return to colour.



Inktober – Day 9 – THROW

Today’s prompt word for Inktober 2020 is THROW.

Now, before I show you today’s drawing I should tell you that I have been reading the Inktober rules. You have to use ‘Ink’ right? Well, it seems there are multiple definitions of the word ‘ink.’ These definitions definitely include use of drawing software as long as you stick to the ‘ink’ tools?


Now I use some software on my Microsoft Surface Pro called Leonardo. It’s ace. It allows me to do things I’ve always wanted to but have been unable to because I didn’t have enough pens, colours, paints etc. It allows me to really play.

So, here’s my interpretation of the prompt word THROW using my surface pro and the ink pen. That’s all. Oh, except for maybe the odd fill tool, and quite a bit of colour. I like colour.

Leonardo Davinci would’ve loved this idea I’m sure

My idea started with a Trebuchet attacking a very unhappy looking castle, but I thought that was dull. Then, for some unknown reason I decided the trebuchet might like to play golf. That was just stupid (not unlike golf). I somehow went from golf (I’m sure it’s a splendid game really) to launching spaceships to the moon. Who knows what I will do with tomorrow’s prompt word, which is HOPE.