Inktober – Day 30 – OMINOUS

Day 30 of Inktober 2020 and the rather apt prompt word, since it is the penultimate day, is; OMINOUS.

Once again, I couldn’t decide what to draw and, as usual, my mind wandered to the high mountains. Ah, the high mountains, that’s where the crevasses hang out. They are the epitome of ominous. So, that’s what I decided to draw.

I took my inspriation from a photo I took of Mrs P back in 2018 when we were on a 4 month climbing trip in the Alps. We were on our way down having summited the Gran Paradiso, 4,061m (13,323 ft) in Italy. Big crevasses on this mountain and a great photo opportunity.

Easy to draw. Until that is, I decided that it needed a bit of colour. Then, suddenly, the hours started to fly by. I reckon this one took me about 3 hours. Below are a series of images starting with the finished article.

Close up of Mrs P leading the way through the ominous crevasse fields with only her shadow for company
The ink only version

If you want to see the original photo then take a look at the blog I did of the 2 days we spent on the mountain. Just follow this link – Days 68 & 69 – Ice Cathedrals and strange happenings.

In the meantime here’s the usual link to the Instagram page for #inktober2020ominous. Less cats today, more crows. Still a lot of cats though. Also included is the link to my Instagram page where you can see all my submissions so far.