Inktober – Day 31 – CRAWL


Well, I managed to submit a drawing for every one of the 31 days of Inktober 2020. I exceeded my own expectations. I’m looking forward to a day off. Though I think I will miss the process of drawing every day.

Before I witter on about what I may do next I shoud really show you what I have done for my final drawing. The final prompt word is CRAWL. Baby crawling? Too obvious. Front crawl (swimming)? Nah! Mrs P suggested caving. I liked it but decided that I would twist that to crawling out of a tunnel to escape captivity. Perhaps during WW2, or perhaps escaping this darned lockdown that the UK is about to descend into. Yet again!

Here’s the drawing. I had fun thinking about the shading from the two candles. Let me know if you think I got it right.

Crawl – The Great Escape

I’ve learned a lot during this month of Inktober. It’s been great. Thanks to my friend Stevyn Colgan for introducing me to it. He has a blog (he has a Wikipedia page! He’s a bit famous) that you may wish to look at. Also, of course, thanks to the guy who originally came up with the idea Jake Parker. Finally, a big thanks to Mrs P for encouraging me and providing me with the time, space and encouragement to do it.

What have I learned? Here’s a list:

  • I’ve remembered, rather than learned, how to draw
  • I’ve learned loads of techniques from looking at the other submissions on Instagram
  • I’ve found my way round the Leonardo software that I draw with
  • I understand shading better
  • I’ve learned how much fun it is to do art every day
  • I’ve remembered that if you want to get good at something, you need to practice, practice, practice.

What will I do next? Don’t know. I hope to draw every day, but I think I will takke more time over a drawing and post maybe once a week. Who knows. Watch this space.

Here’s the final link to the Instagram page for #inktober2020crawl. I haven’t looked yet but I bet there are a lot of cats. Do cats crawl? Also included is the link to my Instagram page where you can see all my submissions so far.

Inktober – Day 9 – THROW

Today’s prompt word for Inktober 2020 is THROW.

Now, before I show you today’s drawing I should tell you that I have been reading the Inktober rules. You have to use ‘Ink’ right? Well, it seems there are multiple definitions of the word ‘ink.’ These definitions definitely include use of drawing software as long as you stick to the ‘ink’ tools?


Now I use some software on my Microsoft Surface Pro called Leonardo. It’s ace. It allows me to do things I’ve always wanted to but have been unable to because I didn’t have enough pens, colours, paints etc. It allows me to really play.

So, here’s my interpretation of the prompt word THROW using my surface pro and the ink pen. That’s all. Oh, except for maybe the odd fill tool, and quite a bit of colour. I like colour.

Leonardo Davinci would’ve loved this idea I’m sure

My idea started with a Trebuchet attacking a very unhappy looking castle, but I thought that was dull. Then, for some unknown reason I decided the trebuchet might like to play golf. That was just stupid (not unlike golf). I somehow went from golf (I’m sure it’s a splendid game really) to launching spaceships to the moon. Who knows what I will do with tomorrow’s prompt word, which is HOPE.