Inktober – Day 11 – Disgusting

Today’s Inktober challenge, I’ve decided it’s more a challenge than a prompt, is the word DISGUSTING. I’m still using the tablet for drawing and today have decided to ‘treat‘ you to two drawings for the price of one. The same drawing, but one in colour and one black and white. For those old enough to get the reference, you can only look at the colour one if you have the requisite colour licence. For those too young, or who live outside the UK, don’t worry too much about it.

B&W Poo Monster

Then, because you can’t keep an average artist down, here’s the colour version…

Colour Poo monster

I suppose it’s all down to which you fnd the most disgusting.

Tomorrow’s challenge/prompt word is SLIPPERY.

See you then



Inktober – Day 10

HOPE. That’s the Inktober prompt for today. It’s also the current world prompt; Hope.

Hope the pandemic ends; hope the environment will be ok; hope for an end to all wars; hope for love and peace; hope the right person gets elected; hope the Europeans forgive us and, of course, Bob Hope.

With such high ideals I have of course come up with something very flippant for my Inktober submission today. My own personal, perenial hope…

One day…

Once again I drew this on my tablet, but today decided not to use the colours to show you just how similar to the real thing i.e. an ink pen, the software is. I can’t tell the difference. The good thing is the [Undo] button. For when I accidentally draw his head wrong.

This idea is based on my perenial idea that, if I train hard enough in the gym, I too can have a body like Hercules. Despite all the other exercises I do that insist on keeping me irritatingly thin. First World problems eh?

Tomorrow’s Prompt word is DISGUSTING. I think that I may have to return to colour.



Inktober – Day 9 – THROW

Today’s prompt word for Inktober 2020 is THROW.

Now, before I show you today’s drawing I should tell you that I have been reading the Inktober rules. You have to use ‘Ink’ right? Well, it seems there are multiple definitions of the word ‘ink.’ These definitions definitely include use of drawing software as long as you stick to the ‘ink’ tools?


Now I use some software on my Microsoft Surface Pro called Leonardo. It’s ace. It allows me to do things I’ve always wanted to but have been unable to because I didn’t have enough pens, colours, paints etc. It allows me to really play.

So, here’s my interpretation of the prompt word THROW using my surface pro and the ink pen. That’s all. Oh, except for maybe the odd fill tool, and quite a bit of colour. I like colour.

Leonardo Davinci would’ve loved this idea I’m sure

My idea started with a Trebuchet attacking a very unhappy looking castle, but I thought that was dull. Then, for some unknown reason I decided the trebuchet might like to play golf. That was just stupid (not unlike golf). I somehow went from golf (I’m sure it’s a splendid game really) to launching spaceships to the moon. Who knows what I will do with tomorrow’s prompt word, which is HOPE.



Inktober – Day 8 – Teeth

As you know if you read my Inktober – day 6 blog, I hate rats. Today you get to find out about the thing I fear: Sharks. I will swim in the sea. In places where there are no sharks. I think I am scared of them because you wouldn’t see one coming until it was too late. For the same reason, I’m not a fan of swimming in rivers and/or lakes. That tickle on your foot as you swim along could be the pre-cursor to a brief, but ultimately futile, fight with a creature from the deep – all teeth and tentacles – as you are dragged to a suffocating death in the inky, cold depths.

Today’s Inktober 2020 prompt word is TEETH so, as you may have guessed by now, I have gone with the shark option. On the positive side, I do like to think that someone somewhere is looking out for me, so had the idea that, regardless of the size of the beast, there is bound to be a fisherman somewhere out there, happy to take on the challenge of landing such a terror.

Here’s what I drew. Hope you like it.

Just when you thought it was safe…

Tomorrow’s prompt is Throw. Wish me luck.



Inktober – Day 7

You know the drill. An ink drawing every day throughout Inktober. Each day has a prompt word. Today’s prompt is FANCY.

Mrs P suggested a French Fancy. When Mrs P ‘suggests’ something I tend to take it more as an instruction. You know? Like when she ‘suggests’ we go out for dinner, or that the lawn might need mowing.

So, French Fancy it is.

Now, if there are any French people out there they will be saying; French Fancy? Qu’est-ce que c’est? For the humble French Fancy is about as French as Roast Beef. Or, as the French would say; “Roast Beef.” Yes, I know they are the same, that’s because you didn’t do the accent. Try again, with the accent… Better?

So, here is my drawing, unfortunately in black & white (well, pale yellow), of a French Fancy…

Fancy that

Now, if you’ve never had a French Fancy (for example if you are French) you will be unaware what an ace drawing this is. So, here is a photo of one.

Mr Kipling’s French Fancies

Well, actually that is not just one but a box of 8. This is not advertising, well, maybe a bit. (ASIDE: Dear Mr Kipling, Can I have some free cake please?), for twas the great Mr Kipling who, if you believe Wikipedia, invented the cake and introduced it to the British in 1967.

Enough about cake. I’m getting hungry.

Tomorrow’s prompt is TEETH. Who knows what will turn up. I haven’t bought my new pens yet and haven’t tried colour, but it’s only a matter of time.



Inktober- Day 6

Inktober 2020 prompt for day 6 is ‘RAT.’

I hate rats.

How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat, dead!

Shakespeare put those words into Hamlets mouth in Act 3, Scene 4 of, you guessed it, Hamlet. This, just before he stabbed Polonius. In Hamlet’s case then a metaphorical rat. I’d have been quite happy had it been a real rat.

We have been fighting a mini infestation of the little blighters in our garden for some months now. So, this little sketch is not going to be rat friendly. Those who fit in to any of the following categories may wish to turn away now.

  1. Vegetarians
  2. Vegans
  3. Animal rights activists
  4. Cartoon animal rights activists
  5. Rat lovers
  6. Rats

Why did I decide to draw a rat in the sights of a submarine? Dunno. Funnier than just a rat in a gun sight perhaps. Who knows? Who cares as long as the rat gets it? Did I mention that animal rights activists might like to look away?)

The detritus of the long haul Inktober participant

Apparently taking part in Inktober will help me improve my drawing and my creativity. I think it will also cost me money. I’ve decided that I need some shiny new ink pens. I’m off to do some online art supplies shopping. Back tomorrow…



Inktober – Day 5


That’s today’s prompt word for Inktober 2020 and here’s my submission…

Inktober 2020 – Day 5 – Blade

On a work day I wanted to do something simple and, since I have been feeling pretty rubbish for the last 4 days, ‘simple’ was all I was up to.

I started with a 2 minute sketch on my laptop, which I was pretty pleased with.

The original sketch

However, it ain’t ink. It’s software, so it don’t count. I don’t have any fat pens, which means I couldn’t recreate the style on paper. That said, I’m relatively pleased with the final cut. ‘Cut,’ ‘Blade.’ Geddit? No? Just me then.

For those interested in learning more about Inktober click on the photo link below for a YouTube video.

Link to Inktober video
How to do Inktober

Tomorrow is RODENT. I hate rats, so don’t expect anything cute.

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Inktober – Day 4

Welcome back to Inktober. The month in which people try to draw an ink picture for each day of the month based on the prompts that I will share with you here. I’m showing you these so that you can either join me or, at least feel sorry for me when I get to such gems as ‘ominous.’

Is 23 tear or, Rest in Peace?

As you can see, today’s prompt is Radio. For inspiration I took to the interweb, where I found the following picture.

Don’t look so worried,? Lassie is sure to escape…

My interpretation is okay. Though I’m not entirely sure what is going on with his nose! Perhaps he is more closely related to Miss Piggy than he is entirely comfortable with. I can only get better right?

Hounds of the Baskervilles again. Really?

So, today is done. Tomorrow is Blade. Don’t expect too much. A couple of reasons.

  1. I have to work, so don’t have as much time as at the weekend
  2. I’m not that good at drawing quickly
  3. I’m not that good at drawing

There are some exceptional drawings for Inktober out there. Just do a search on google (other search engines are available) for #Inktober2020. What you will find is enough to make me hang up my pens and weep.



Inktober – Day 3

Today’s Inktober prompt (a new ink drawing every day throughout October) is Bulky. So, while Mrs P went shopping I bravely stayed home to draw. We don’t have children but, I’m sure if we did it would look like this…

Inktober Day 3

Saturday, so no work and therefore more time on my hands for drawing.

Gratuitous close up

“What’s tomorrow’s prompt?” I hear you ask. “RADIO” Go figure.



Inktober – Day 2

Today’s Inktober prompt is ‘Wisp.’

Wisp!’What am I going to do with that!? I should really look at the prompts ahead of time. I scratched my head. Some, when considering the word ‘wisp,’ may envision filigree wisps of early morning mist over idyllic stretches of early autumn riverside meadows. All I could think of was my dad’s penchant for cigarettes and the clouds of foul smelling cigarette smoke that enveloped him and thus the whole family.

His 40 a day habit was despite his severe asthma. An early evening fag was often followed up by a restorative puff or two on his inhaler and always accompanied by a hideous wheezing.

He gave up when I was 14 – The very age at which he had started – went cold turkey. Despite smoking for about 30 years he lived to 82. A martyr to his chest though.

Anyway, me old dad inspired today’s Inktober submission…

Hopefully, by the end of the month I will get better at this? For your sake and mine.

Thanks Dad.

Same pens as yesterday

Ending 1800 ( I say that in the hope that you might think I know what I am talking about).

Tomorrow’s prompt is ‘Bulky.’ Good grief.