We’re not going on an Autumn holiday – November 2020

Mrs P needed a holiday, so we booked a cottage on the Cornwall coast for this week. Lovely. Of course, that was before Lockdown – The Return. Or, as we call it; Oh no! Not again!! Holiday cottage cancelled we debated whether to take the holiday and have a staycation or not. That was a short debate. Did I mention that Mrs P needs a holiday?

Staycation. Hmmm. What to do… Ah, what we normally do, but without any of that pesky travelling. Of course we won’t see the sea, there will be no options for climbing and we will be living in the same house where the dreaded working from home office is but, we can still go out to play. We still have our outdoor toys and we are not afraid to use them.

Day 1. Saturday 7th November – Get up late, go for a ride. 36 miles on the road bikes. Lovely autumn colours and quiet roads. One of the lockdown silver linings.

Day 2. Sunday 8th November – Get up late (have you spotted a trend here yet?). Observe the 2 minutes silence at the local war memorial. Go for a walk. 7.5 miles (about 4 hours if you count sitting around eating sandwiches and putting the world to rights) in the Chiltern Hills. Started at the Warburg Nature Reserve near Bix Bottom (No, I didn’t make that name up) and quickly found ouselves immersed in the autumn splendor. If you like orange, then this is your time of year. As can be seen in the following photo. See if you can spot Mrs P. Who clearly likes orange.

She’s in there somewhere

A great walk. Once again quiet and so still. The silence is amplified at the moment by the lack of planes flying into Heathrow Airport. A true delight. Contentious perhaps, but long may Heathrow Airport remain mostly closed.

Off piste in the woods (don’t ask why) I came across this little stand of mushrooms.

Mushroomius Smallius (or, to give them their Latin Name – Madeupius Nameius)

Can you have a stand of mushrooms? Or, is that trees? Hang on, I’ll go check… Hi, I’m back. Better educated and ready to share.

Mushrooms that are in a close group, but not close enough to be called a Cluster, are said to be in a Troop. Mushrooms in a group that is a bit more scattered and irregular (loose discipline!) are said to be Gregarious.


This was definitely a Cluster, which is a shame because a Troop sounds so much more fun.

Day 3 – Yay! No work!! – Monday 9th November – I’m recovering from this Long Covid rubbish, so took the day off exercise to avoid a relapse. Long covid is rubbish. Silver lining though. I drew a picture. Always fun. Here it is…

Magic Mushroom

For those interested I drew it using an App called Leonardo on my MS Surface Pro.

Later that day Mrs P and I retired to our very own garden Hobbit Haus for dinner and an atmospheric evening of chillin’ out.

These Staycations are tough

Day 4 – Tuesday 10th November – Mud glorious mud! – Got up late (you knew that already though right?) and went for a 26 mile, VERY muddy and great fun mountain bike ride. I shall let the photos do the talking. But, before I do, here’s a mountain biker joke.

Q. How can you tell a happy mountain biker?

A. They have mud on their teeth.

Terrible and old jokes.groan
Mrs P shows how it’s done
Sandwich break beside the River Thames at Henley
Nearly home.

See if you can guess who got to spend an hour cleaning bikes while a certain other person had a bath? Go on, guess… Bath girl did make tea and wash the clothes though.

Tonight (Wednesday 11th) we are hoping that we may be able to do a very small adventure in Gandalf. Tune in to the next post for further details. Spoiler alert; we won’t be spending the night in our lovely, much missed camper van unfortunately.

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – Remembrance Day