Inktober – Day 28 – Float

Today’s Inktober 2020 prompt word is FLOAT. I enjoyed doing this one. It was pretty quick too. Managed to do the whole thing last night. A whole day ahead! Float. What to do. I went straight for the theme that has permeated through other drawings I have submitted for this year’s Inktober, that of Space. The Great Void. The Final Frontier. I even managed a nod to Major Tom. For those who have missed out on the joy that is Major Tom, he is a fictional character mentioned in no less than 5 songs by the late, great David Bowie. Here’s a link to the most famous, Space Oddity (1972), for your edification. Enjoy.

Maybe you could look at the drawing I did whilst listening to the song? Could be fun.

And I’m floating in a most peculiar way…

Here’s a close up of ‘Major Tom.’

Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do…

I was going to post a picture of the ink only version of this drawing. It was pretty cool. However, due to a Layering error, also known as User Error, I lost that particular option. I’d say that I won’t be making that mistake again, but I’ve done it twice now!

The colour was too tempting. Mostly VERY dark blue and white. Great fun.

Parting question: Can anyone name the other 4 David Bowie songs where Major Tom is mentioned? No prizes. Just smug satisfaction for those who know.

As has become the norm, I’ve included a Link to the instagram #Inktober2020float page with nearly 2,500 submissions by people around the world who are also taking part in Inktober. Definitely less cats today. Though it is early.

Also included is a link to my Instagram page where you can see all my submissions so far.

2 thoughts on “Inktober – Day 28 – Float

  1. Once again we have the inkiness of space together with the twinkling of stars. As Major Tom said, “Here am I floating ’round my tinkan, far above the moon.” And did you know there’s a constellation called the Lynx (phonetically – links).

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