Inktober – Day 25 – Buddy

BUDDY. That’s today’s Inktober 2020 prompt word. I kinda think that ‘Buddy’ is something of an American word. We tend to say ‘friend,’ or ‘mate’ in the UK. Or, perhaps I’m just a bit old for the word ‘buddy.’ Anyway, I’ve gone with the word friend. Old friends. How old do you have to be to be ‘old friends?’ I’m not sure you have to be so old. Just to have been friends for a long time. And ‘a long time’ is clearly relative, as can be seen by my offering today.


As you can see, I’ve gone for a bit of colour with my drawing today. Our old friends certainly add a bit of colour. How long have you known your oldest friend? I’ve managed 52 years. One, who I have lost touch with, 56 years!

As usual, I’ve included a Link to the instagram #Inktober2020buddy page with thousands more submissions by people around the world who are also taking part in Inktober. Actually, there may not be thousands. I haven’t had time to look yet today. Busy, busy, busy.

Also included is a link to my Instagram page where you can see all my submissions so far.

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