Inktober 2020 – Day 20 – CORAL

Todays’ Inktober prompt word is CORAL. Mrs P, as an ex-diver, was keen that I do some amazing drawing of coral, fish and divers etc. However, when I think of coral, unfortunately, I think of the terrible damage that the human race is doing to the fragile stuff.

Mrs P was therefore less than impressed with today’s offering. She said; “It’s good, but it isn’t going up on the wall.” Mrs P gets very upset about this kind of thing. In that respect she has a lot in common with Prince William’s 7 year old son George (third in line to the British throne for my foreign readers).

Prince William recently said that his son, Prince George, got ‘so sad’ watching Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary, A life On Our Planet, they had to turn it off. Sir David’s documentary may not have been exclusively about coral, but the same applies. It is is really sad. Mrs P won’t watch wildlife documentaries for that very reason.

Here’s the drawing…

Coral and the damage we all do

It’s not my best drawing, but the sentiment is from the heart. Here’s a depressing close-up.

The damage we all do

This next close-up really only shows how average the drawing is if you zoom in. If you look from a distance it is better (by that thinking perhaps I should view all my drawings from a distance of no less than 200 metres?). I’m not looking for praise. I know my limitations. I am pleased that this month of daily drawings is definitely improving my, for want of a better word, skill.

A splash of colour from the one and only, the remarkably, fragile Mother Nature

Tomorrow’s prompt word is SLEEP and I have let Mrs P choose the subject.

Sleep well (Thought I’d get in a quick pun before the pun monster gets started.)





3 thoughts on “Inktober 2020 – Day 20 – CORAL

  1. Humans will have limited time on this planet.
    When we have destroyed everything and ourselves,then hopefully the planet will be able to recover.
    All the rubbish infested hedgerows ruin my joy of cycling.

    Liked by 1 person

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