Inktober 2020 – Day 19 – Dizzy

I’m pretty busy with work at the moment, so I’m having to try to come up with some simpler (read:quicker) images. Today’s Inktober prompt word of DIZZY has allowed me to do just that. A simple drawing of two children playing on a roundabout. One has fallen off and has got, you guessed it, dizzy. The other is still having a great time. I’ve added a couple of splashes of colour, just because I can.

Once again, these are drawn on my Surface Pro. A bit of gratuitous advertising there in the vain hope that Microsoft will send me a new one to play with. Unfortunately, with an average daily readership in the low double figures I think this is unlikely. I can dream though.

So, here it is.

You make me dizzy Miss Lizzy

Tomorrow’s prompt word is CORAL. We already did fish. Now we get coral. there is going to have to be colour.

See you tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “Inktober 2020 – Day 19 – Dizzy

  1. Used to love roundabouts as a child. I was a keen dancer so spinning round and round was delightful. But alas when my Grandchildren ask me to sit on the roundabout I decline. Can’t stand being dizzy now.
    Old age?

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