Inktober 2020 – Days 17 – STORM and 18 – TRAP

Two for the price of one once again. It’s been a busy weekend, so struggled to find time to post yesterday. I think I maybe need to spend less time drawing and more time writing. Poblem is, I get really in to the drawing. What I thought would take me 20 minutes takes 2 hours. Clearly not been paying enough attention to those time management courses.

My first drawing is based on the prompt word of STORM. This one was pretty easy. Storm. Been in a few of those. Most of my personal experience of storms has either been on mountains or from the safety of a house. Time to get out of my comfort zone I thought. I shall draw a storm at sea. Also out of my comfort zone because I’ve never drawn the sea before. Learning curve time.

Here’s my first submission for the word STORM…

STORM – Spot the milk bottle

Although I’m really pleased with this one, I’m not entirely happy wth the crashing waves behind the lighthouse. More like boulders or clouds than water. 6 out of 10. Must try harder.

My next offering is for the prompt word TRAP. I struggled with this one. I did consider drawing the demise of yet another rodent, and toyed with the idea of a tank trap (I love a good tank). But, none of these felt right, or light enough for my style. So, I cheated. Did a quick cartoon based on a play on words. Not everyone will get the joke and there will be those that say that it is cheating to add an additional ‘P’. However, that’s a chance I am willing to take.

What’s that sound I hear? Is it music?

Tomorrow’s prompt word is DIZZY. If you want to know what I will come up with, tune in tomorrow.





2 thoughts on “Inktober 2020 – Days 17 – STORM and 18 – TRAP

  1. We like the storm and the blinking lighthouse. And the inkuisitive goat is really cute. Guess the background is Swiss mountains rather than Crinkle Crag?

    Liked by 1 person

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