Inktober – Day 14 – Armour

Today’s Inktober 2020 prompt word is ARMOR (I’m going to forgive the American spelling, though it grates to do so). I’ve gone with the medieval definition of armour (see, we’re back to the English spelling. I just can’t help myself).

ARMOR: Noun: Any covering worn as a defense against weapons; A suit of armor.

ASIDE: I can’t help noticing that they spelt ‘Defence’ wrong too!

But I digress.

Meanwhile, back on the subject. I always wanted to be a knight when I was a kid. I played with the toys. Longed for the toy castle and, as I got older, read numerous stories of King Arthur and his knights. Anyway, the childhood longings have inspired today’s drawing. Inked using the laptop yet again, I tried to stick with the black and white ‘rule’, but just had to add a bit of colour.

No Dragons were harmed in the making of this blog

I’m still obsessed with Knights in shining armour and all that stuff. In the summer of last year Mrs P and I went to a medieval re-enactment fesitval in Northern Italy. Splendid stuff. I wrote a blog about it entitled The Knights who say, “Ni!”, which you can read by clicking on the link. Lots of photos, like the one below, which is included to whet your appetite.

I can but dream

So, that’s a photo of how I always wanted to look as a kid. Those of you who know me (and those who looked at the old blog page) will know that I never quite had the hair for it.

Tomorrow’s prompt word is OUTPOST.

See you tomorrow



4 thoughts on “Inktober – Day 14 – Armour

  1. Glad you haven’t lost your inner child.
    I was a big fan of ths Mary Stewart novels about King Arthur The crystal cave and the Hollow Hills spring to mind. Perhaps more about Merlin?
    Anhow might see if I can find some electronic versions.
    Thanks for the fun sketch.
    B x

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