Inktober – Day 12 – Slippery

Today’s Inktober was always going to be a joy. SLIPPERY. This links nicely to my favourite version of water. The frozen variety. Snow, ice. Skiing, ice climbing and, of course, good old fashioned sliding on the slippery stuff. Back in the day, when we had real winters, I remember making slides on the ice in the most inappropriate places. You know, outside old people’s homes. That kind of thing. For those who live in warmer climes perhaps you will remember the Penguin Christmas skating party from The Muppet Christmas Carol?

Anyway, without the reference to Christmas, (Spoiler alert: Only 74 days to go!) the sliding is where I got my idea. I just LOVE ice, snow. Hang on, I already said that.

Today I thought I would share a bit of the process. Still using the tablet and the Leonardo Software.

Here’s what I drew…


And here’s how I did it. Open the software; select a new blank drawing and select the ink option…

Leopnardo Software with Ink Pen option

I start with a pencil outline. There’s a pencil option too!

Pencil rough sketch

Then I ink over it…

Rough sketch plus the ink layer

…and hide the pencil layer

Et voila!




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