Inktober – Day 10

HOPE. That’s the Inktober prompt for today. It’s also the current world prompt; Hope.

Hope the pandemic ends; hope the environment will be ok; hope for an end to all wars; hope for love and peace; hope the right person gets elected; hope the Europeans forgive us and, of course, Bob Hope.

With such high ideals I have of course come up with something very flippant for my Inktober submission today. My own personal, perenial hope…

One day…

Once again I drew this on my tablet, but today decided not to use the colours to show you just how similar to the real thing i.e. an ink pen, the software is. I can’t tell the difference. The good thing is the [Undo] button. For when I accidentally draw his head wrong.

This idea is based on my perenial idea that, if I train hard enough in the gym, I too can have a body like Hercules. Despite all the other exercises I do that insist on keeping me irritatingly thin. First World problems eh?

Tomorrow’s Prompt word is DISGUSTING. I think that I may have to return to colour.



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