Inktober – Day 8 – Teeth

As you know if you read my Inktober – day 6 blog, I hate rats. Today you get to find out about the thing I fear: Sharks. I will swim in the sea. In places where there are no sharks. I think I am scared of them because you wouldn’t see one coming until it was too late. For the same reason, I’m not a fan of swimming in rivers and/or lakes. That tickle on your foot as you swim along could be the pre-cursor to a brief, but ultimately futile, fight with a creature from the deep – all teeth and tentacles – as you are dragged to a suffocating death in the inky, cold depths.

Today’s Inktober 2020 prompt word is TEETH so, as you may have guessed by now, I have gone with the shark option. On the positive side, I do like to think that someone somewhere is looking out for me, so had the idea that, regardless of the size of the beast, there is bound to be a fisherman somewhere out there, happy to take on the challenge of landing such a terror.

Here’s what I drew. Hope you like it.

Just when you thought it was safe…

Tomorrow’s prompt is Throw. Wish me luck.



3 thoughts on “Inktober – Day 8 – Teeth

  1. I share your fears. Safe swimming in well known safe places. Don’t think there are any Sharks in the Firth of Forth or the local resevoir.

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