Inktober – Day 2 – Wisp

Today’s Inktober prompt is ‘Wisp.’

Wisp!’What am I going to do with that!? I should really look at the prompts ahead of time. I scratched my head. Some, when considering the word ‘wisp,’ may envision filigree wisps of early morning mist over idyllic stretches of early autumn riverside meadows. All I could think of was my dad’s penchant for cigarettes and the clouds of foul smelling cigarette smoke that enveloped him and thus the whole family.

His 40 a day habit was despite his severe asthma. An early evening fag was often followed up by a restorative puff or two on his inhaler and always accompanied by a hideous wheezing.

He gave up when I was 14 – The very age at which he had started – went cold turkey. Despite smoking for about 30 years he lived to 82. A martyr to his chest though.

Anyway, me old dad inspired today’s Inktober submission…

Hopefully, by the end of the month I will get better at this? For your sake and mine.

Thanks Dad.

Same pens as yesterday

Ending 1800 ( I say that in the hope that you might think I know what I am talking about).

Tomorrow’s prompt is ‘Bulky.’ Good grief.



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