Inktober -Day 1 – Fish

I know. I’ve been gone a while. Sorry. Not been feeling great. Not much of an excuse l know. I mean, how hard is tapping a few keys? “Money for nothing and your kicks for free.” as Mark Knopfler said back in 1985. Only, there ain’t no money and, just lately, I’m not getting many kicks.

Looking back at my draft posts I noticed that I have started, but never quite finished, quite a few. There are words, photos too. Quite a lot. A beginning, the odd middle, but no ends. No Mojo you see. So, no posts.

My brain just ain’t working right. Long Covid they call it. I call it a huge inconvenience.

Anyway, I needed something to get me back in to it. A reason to post every day. So, thanks to a friends art blog I have found, and decided to have a go at…

Inktober 2020

Here’s the rules…

  1. Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want
  2. Post it (or share it.)
  3. Hashtag it (whatever one of those is!?) with #Inktober and #Inktober2020
  4. Repeat – Every day throughout October

They provide you with a prompt list. Day 1 is Fish.

Here’s my first attempt…

Out of practice

Here’s my drawing kit…

This stuff does not get used enough

The idea is that, while Gandalf is not getting out much and while my brain is not firing on all cylinders, I will do a drawing every day of Inktober and post it here. Get my mojo back.

Wish me luck.



10 thoughts on “Inktober -Day 1 – Fish

  1. Great to see you’re back in business. Can’t wait for the daily drawing! Good luck and have fun. It will give you something to th-ink about.

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  2. I’m pleased you have found an activity that will hopefully heal you.
    I am a great believer in alternative therapies. You obviously have some skills. Mine don’t go much beyond stick people.
    Wishing you lots of success.
    Barbara x

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