The positive person’s guide to COVID-19 recovery

August 6th, 2020

So, as I said in my last post (sounds ominous!?) ‘I’m getting better.’ I also promised to tell you why I had been so quiet on the blogging front.

You will remember that I said I never had a cough, never had a fever and certainly didn’t lose my sense of taste (though I have occasionally worn red trousers and a red t-shirt so, maybe I did!?). Anyway, that didn’t mean that I didn’t get some weird symptoms. You’ve heard it all before if you read my previous blogs; headaches, nausea a very strange feeling in my head/chest/somewhere in a different but strangely connected dimension.

Upshot is that my brain has been struggling. After a day working on the computer (I’m working from home and all my work is computer based) the last thing I feel capable of is spending time writing a blog. I suppose I could’ve written something but, I doubt it would have either made much sense or provided the high class entertainment you have come to expect from my humble blog.

So, by way of a précis of the last 12 weeks; weekends have been filled with chores (lucky me), like chopping wood…

This sartorial statement provides further proof that I may have lost my sense of taste after all.

Repairing patios…

Hard to tell if this is before or after.

Getting all creative and building an inukshuk from the detritus of patio repairs..

Every garden should have one

Gentle exercises such as kayaking on our local stretch of the Thames…

Tales of the riverbank

Walking and cycling. Both road and mountain bike…

Mrs P at Sonning Bridge. It’s where the Clooney’s live.

Only problem is, while doing all these things, I feel like this…

Perhaps a little over dramatic but, I certainly feel pretty rough.

It would be easy to just give in to it and crash in front of the TV but, I feel I need to gently nudge the envelope of how much I can do. (The log chopping and patio repairs were DEFINITELY too much by the way).

All that said, as you may know by now, I like to see the upside in every situation, the silver lining, the positives. So, here then is the positive persons guide to COVID-19 recovery.

Listen to your body. If it is telling you that you need to rest then do just that. But, and it’s an important ‘but’, make sure you eat well (read: Eat cake or scones or anything sweet and unhealthy really and wash it down with sweet black coffee)…

A master class in the recovery process

… look After your wife. After all, she looks after you (and makes the cake)…

Is that Kate Humble?

Enjoy the fact that you are not currently capable of epic feats on the bike and take the opportunity to introduce your better half to road cycling…

Mrs P. Mountain biker gone rogue

…and coffee stops…

You can lead a cyclist to a coffee stop, but you can’t make her like coffee

…remember to see the funny side to all mishaps that may happen along the way…

I took up rowing when lockdown restrictions were lessened. 20 minutes later I took up swimming (read: I fell in!)

…and remember to try to have fun. No matter how rubbish you may feel.

Floating is easy, even if you do feel wiped out.

Is my recovery going well? 12 weeks on I would say that it could certainly be better. I have faith that I will get there, however slowly that may be. In the meantime we are going away for a week or so. Gandalf can look after us and maybe, just maybe, I will feel better and do some more blogging.

7 thoughts on “The positive person’s guide to COVID-19 recovery

  1. Always enjoy your stories. Even if this one had a cautionary element to it.
    Positive thinking had to be the way forward. Escaping in the van will be the therapy you need. Hope you find a gem of a sunset to gaze upon or what ever restores you to your former state of health.
    Love to you both


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