Monday 2nd September sees our intrepid trio rise early and head for the border.

For those who can’t read French the sign says; “You are about to enter a country whose politicians are the laughing stock of Europe. Good luck” For those who can read French, shhh!

Within 3 hours of getting up this morning we are in bumper to bumper traffic courtesy of the UKs good old M20. Deep joy.

We are home at around 11am. The usual things assail our senses and inveigle our minds as we finally pull up at Chez Nous:

  • Lawn needs mowing
    Hedges need cutting
    How much post!?
    Why does this water taste so bad? (Thames Valley affliction)
    What’s for dinner?
    Do we really need to go shopping?
    Can’t we just have pizza?
    I have to get ready for work!!!
    Shall we unpack now or tomorrow?
    How much washing!?
    Is our neighbour still alive?

That last point may not be a universal but our lovely neighbour was extremely ill when we went away. We are overjoyed to see that he is considerably better and very much in the land of the living.

By way of procrastination we go for a walk.

The forest is dense. A dark tangle of branches, twigs and fallen leaves. Moss coats the floor and brambles tug at our clothes. We see an unprepossessing building through the gloom. Mrs P turns to Mr P and says, “You’re going to have to mow this lawn.”

The rest of the day sees Mrs P starting a big pile of washing and beginning to unpack Gandalf while Mr P tackles the jungle.

We’re back. It’s been a lovely holiday as always. The following few photos are an attempt to précis our trip.

From dinosaurs…

Good dinosaur. Nice dinosaur.

…and sport climbing in Nassereith, Austria…

Nice rock

…over the Reschen Pass…

The sunken bell tower on the Reschensee (Lake)

And into Italy.

It’s Italy so it must be Pizza time

We biked…

Cycling through Glurns in Austria

…and we climbed both snowy mountains…

The glaciers above Sulden en route to Monte Cevedale

…and rock.

Mr P. Rock star

We met up with old friends…

Mr & Mrs McD on the via Ferrata above Arco

…and some REALLY old friends.

Ötzi the Iceman. Bolzano museum. 5,000 years old and not getting any younger

We had tough days (there were no tough days). We had active days…

The summit of Monte Cevedale. A 9 hour round trip

…and lazy days.

Post pizza euphoria. Chilling out in Arco

We’ve seen some sights…

Medieval Festival, Schluderns, Italy

…and we’ve inflicted some sights…

Mr P takes his shirt off thereby breaking several international injunctions

…and through it all, despite all we put him through, Gandalf looked after us.

Gandalf, demonstrates his Tardis like capacity, Sulden, Italy

All in all, another great holiday.

Selfie at the Festival. Schluderns, Italy

Role on Gandalf’s next adventure

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. It is a Bugger when a holiday adventure comes to an end, we have really enjoyed your blog and enjoyed even more meeting up again with you both in Arco. We are still near Trento, plan to do some more climbing tomorrow before heading South as the weather is in for a big change for the worse next week.


    1. It’s a lovely area where you are. Will you be heading south in Italy? Thoroughly recommend Spain. The climbing around costa Blanca is sublime. Similarly at Siurana. Great meeting up with you. Have fun


  2. Thanks Mr P, we’ve had fun following your adventures! (By the way, in the third photo from the end, it’s jolly clever the way you Photoshopped Ötzi to make it look like he’s standing next to Gandalf and wearing your hat.)


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