Life through a macro lens

Wednesday 28th August

When life slows you down, for whatever reason, and the journey focuses more on the minutiae of every step than on the summit in the distance, the focus of your eye readjusts and is drawn to such things as the beauty in a leaf.

Foliagus niceus

The delicacy of a butterfly (or maybe a moth? Who can tell?)

Butterfly Wingclipoffius

The myriad, and potentially poisonous, mushrooms.

The Probablykilluifuateit mushroom
The definitelykilluifuatit mushroom

Even the insects at work…

2 bees. (Or not 2 bees)

…and other things for which I have run out of adjectives…

The impressively named Coneubelieveitnoadjectivestodescribeit
That rarest of creatures Wifesansrucksackus

The walk on which we found all this carefully annotated and taxonomically accurate (yeah, right!) flora started and finished at this place…

The Marienberg Abbey, Schlinig, Italy

The Marienberg Abbey is a Benedictine Abbey founded in the 12th Century.

(Guess how many people live here. Go on, guess. You’ll never guess)

The whole place has undergone a massive renovation project that started in 2015 and continues today. I’d guess in the tens of millions of Euros and maybe as much as a hundred million.

(Did you guess yet? Go on, you know you want to.)

Mrs P asks the Big Man how many people live in the Abbey
Mrs P confessing that she now knows how many people live in the Abbey

It is a HUGE and very impressive building

How many?

It houses a new library containing 135,000 titles. It also has a very nice coffee shop with the poshest Art Deco tea spoons I have ever considered stealing (Heaven forfend!)

And you’ll never guess how many monks live there…

Ok, I’ll tell you…


That’s ‘eleven!’ One more than 10. One less than 12. I say this simply to emphasise that I have not missed out a digit or two. Eleven monks.

That’s 12,272 books each! (And about the same number of rooms. Each!)

They should sell up. They’d make Russian Oligarchs look positively destitute.

But, back to the small, pleasures in life.

Happiness is a flat place to pitch Gandalf …

…and a cold beer shared with Mrs P

See you tomorrow…

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