The knights who say, “Ni!”


We have taken a couple of days out of the mountains while Mrs P recovers from the lurgy and while the weather up high sorts itself out (bit damp). There’s not much rock climbing in this area so we have spent a day and a half at a medieval festival in Schluderns, Italy.

The festival went on for 3 days though we only spent a day and a half wandering around.

The premise of these events is that hundreds of people who are fascinated with a particular medieval period in history live their lives as medieval characters every weekend throughout the summer with like minded people and all their best mates. It sounds really nerdy and, in some respects it may be but, that doesn’t stop it being great fun. I mean, who doesn’t want to dress up like a warrior and hang round the tavern with their mates?

One day I’ll be tall enough to join in this conversation

The only issue is that it provides a stark illustration as to why wars will never stop…

Lots of shiny sharp things to buy

…the thing is that some people (men. Ok, me) just want to feel tough. I can’t explain just how much I wanted to buy a sword.. and a helmet. Oh, and one of those spikey things on a stick and, and… a bow and arrow… and…

“…And gentlemen in England now a-bed Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here…”

Oh yes. Mr P got to play. He will of course remember, with advantages, what feats he did that day…

Shakespeare: Henry V

Mrs P’s recollection on the other hand may be different as she channels her inner bard to describe a grown man desperate to dress up and play with all the toys.

“And gentlewomen the world over shall think themselves lucky the are just about anywhere else…”


“He will of course, with gusto, exaggerate what feats he did that day (no change there then).

And that old favourite..

“I may be pretending to have fun but seriously, can we go now?”

She loved it really.

Enough said.

Mrs P did enjoy it really. There were horses…

Horsing around in Italy

…and camels…

Put one more sticky fingered, crying child on my back and I will really get the hump

…and budgies…

Who’re you calling a budgie!?

Most of the re-enactment folk hang out in their authentic camps…

Should we get a couple of shields for Gandalf?

…while their kids authentically beat the c$%p out of each other with sticks.

Who needs WiFi?

So, this goes on for days and I can thoroughly recommend it. Just don’t blame me if you come away with a sword.

Here’s a few pics to convince you to seek one of these events out.

I’m Asterix. No, I’m Asterix…
In the arena the actors put on a great show
Finally, a use for those old curtains

I confess to a little costume envy here (and not just a little hair envy). Though I should imagine he is jealous of my incredible good looks (see below).

Mr P wonders what they do with all the dried horse poo as he tries the Moroccan coffee

The action in the arena was great…

A knight charges through fire while two small children get in the way.
Some great bands
Some elaborate costumes…
…and some less elaborate costumes

All in all we had a great time.

Mr & Mrs P. Having a great time

Anyway, enough of the good olde days. We are off back into the mountains tomorrow. Going to climb the Ortler. The highest peak in the Southern limestone Alps. 3,905m (12,811ft).

This requires a night in a hut so don’t expect any updates until Tuesday at the earliest.

I’d best go check Mrs P hasn’t packed too much stuff…

Oh dear!

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