Who invented the boiled egg?

Another (and final, I promise) culinary tale… I assume that way back, shortly after the saucepan was invented, some hapless cave dweller accidentally dropped his very last egg in the pan of water he was boiling up to make tea (tea, as you know, has been around FOREVER).

“Darn!” he said. Or some other prehistoric expletive. Some minutes later, when he was able to retrieve his only meal and was forced to eat it, he discovered he had inadvertently, and fortuitously invented the boiled egg. (Definitely a man by the way. A woman would NEVER be so careless.)

Other happy ‘mistakes’ over the millennia have probably been the cause of such tasties as; cooked meat, toast and cheese etc.

Well, I had just such an incident happen to me (though probably less likely to catch on) the other evening in Gandalf. Happily drinking my mug of chamomile tea I reached over to pluck a tasty looking cornichon (pickled gherkin to the less posh) from a bowl. Oops! Butterfingers, into my tea it goes. Tea too hot to remove said pickled comestible straight away it languished at the bottom of my cup for a few minutes before being removed. The cornichon was no worse for wear neither improvement or otherwise. The tea on the other hand was, well… let’s say that it is unlikely there will be a brand of chamomile and gherkin tea bags sold in the shops any time soon.

I shall not mention food again. Promise (fingers crossed firmly behind back).

Back to the trip.

This lovely shot before the sun came out to play

The weather yesterday was perfect for climbing so, we did just that.

I may look the part but Mrs P did all he work

Nassereith, Austria is such a great spot. An area of nice easy climbs where we always seem to meet English groups. This time a group from Birmingham University. So, a little translation was required for Mrs P from Brummie to posh Southern.

Another section of harder climbs was rather busy so we only did one there. I say ‘we.’ I mean Mrs P who led a very steady grade 5 called Inspiration. I just held the rope.

Look what I did!

Later we moved over to Italy a few days sooner than planned and spent a fruitless time casting around for some guide books/maps as we plan to head into the snowy mountains soon.

The Ortler (3,905m) from our campsite

Beautiful drive over the Reschenpass. If we can avoid the Italian drivers we may even survive long enough to do some climbing.

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