Gandalf; Return of the van.

It’s been… how long!? January was my last post I think. Gandalf didn’t even feature in that one. Good heavens. Such a sorry state of affairs. No writing, no pictures, no… excuses really.

I could tell tales of adventures in a world with no internet access (that’ll be Wales then) or recount stories of months spent fighting dark forces for control of some kingdom deep underground and far from the dark lord Vode-a-phone’s reach or, I could tell the truth. I’ve been working. Oh, it’s even hard to say the word but, sometimes you just have to put in the effort to pay for the next trip.

And, here it is, drum roll please, trumpets sound, the crowd is hushed with expectation… the herald is about to speak. To impart the secret of the adventure that Gandalf is about to go on, that you, his adoring (ahem) audience, are just begging to learn of. Pray silence for the herald’s announcement…

“3.5 weeks in the Austrian Alps and the Italian Dolomites.”

There will be campsites;

Gandalf poses seductively next to the toilet block

… Culinary adventures…

It’s grey. It must be dinner

…and dinosaurs…

Mrs P, Dinosaur whisperer

Yes folks, hold onto your hats. It’s about to get weird.

Currently in Nassareith, Austria waiting for the storms to pass. Tomorrow we are going for an acclimatisation walk. Maybe we will take the dinosaur with us.

It will take me a few days to get my writing head back on. Please stay tuned as I grapple with the following; English language, English grammar; stringing more than a few coherent sentences together in less time than it takes a glacier to crush a small rock and how WordPress works.

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See you tomorrow.

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