Days 109 – 111 – Danger, Assimilation

Wednesday 31st October – Friday 2nd November 2018

Is it possible that we will be assimilated into the Altea chapter of the retired overwinter, Great White (huge motorhomes) dwellers? Perhaps the word I meant to use though is not ‘assimilated‘ but ‘indoctrinated‘?

It was ok being down on the coast and even sharing a campsite with Great Whites, when we went off climbing every day but it’s been a week of very mixed weather here in the not as sunny as you might think Costa Blanca. We’ve had high winds, rain and pretty low temperatures. Not entirely conducive to climbing. In fact we have not climbed for almost a whole week.

Let me précis the last few days in a series of photos and I will leave it to you dear reader, to decide just how close we are to swapping Gandalf for a Great White, buying electric bikes and spending each and every day sitting 2 feet from our neighbour in a sun lounger from which we only venture in order to move our position to better face the sun or fetch more beer/cake.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on where Mrs P and I currently sit based on the following scale. The scale grades risk of assimilation from 1 – 5. You’ve heard of the Beaufort Scale. Well this is the Great White Risk Scale:

1. SAFE – You are unlikely to ever succumb to coastal, great white, long stay habits. You are way too young, fit and active to fit in. You are still deeply in love with Gandalf.

2. MODERATE – Very unlikely but, certain traits may become apparent such as finding any excuse to head to the coffee shop. (I think this may have already happened!) Gandalf is still the best campervan ever.

3. WARNING – You are spending too much time sitting in bars frequented by UK expats and have befriended a lovely couple called Gaz and Shazzer. You only ever talk about climbing in the past tense and have attached an awning to Gandalf that is twice his size.

4. DANGER – Keep living in Gandalf but subscribe to Behemoth Monthly. Visit campsite neighbours with a bottle of wine and discuss the merits of towing a small car over buying a motor scooter. You have put down a deposit on 2 electric bikes.

5. ABANDON HOPE – Put Gandalf up for sale immediately as you can’t possibly invite the Johansons, and the Van den Bergs and that lovely Welsh couple with the chihuahua round for cocktails unless you have a great white Behemoth of your own.

Mr P with full English breakfast and the first toast he has seen for nearly 4 months (Great White level 2)
Gandalf (Great White level 1) and…
… the Behemoths (Great White level 5)
Mrs P near the summit of Penon de Ifach (332m – Great White level 1)
Mrs P 332 metres above the nearest coffee shop (Great White level 1)
Mrs P, never happier than when lunching on the edge of a cliff – Penon de Ifach (Great White level 1)
View from the summit of Serra Gelada (438 m – Great White level 1) with Penon de Ifach in the distance

Oh, there was an incident with some pesky pigeons that may amuse you. It certainly amused Mrs P.

Mr P went pigeon huntin’ with his water pistol. Far from scaring the annoying, disease ridden, winged rats off, they absolutely loved being sprayed with water. Every time they were squirted they would waddle towards the jet of water and look at Mr P as if to say, “More, more. Do it again.” B****y pigeons!

No pigeons were harmed in the taking of the photo

The weather is set fair for at least the next 5 days. So hopefully we will be able to get back to the climbing. Tune in to see what happens next…

5 thoughts on “Days 109 – 111 – Danger, Assimilation

  1. I think normally level 1 without question, but the time you have spent in Spain with the great whites may be having an effect, probably 1.75 at the moment lol.


  2. All the shouting about level 1, BUT sneaking desire for full level 5 (or 5 plus). double width awning and Fiat 500 towed behnd.


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