Day 40 – A very long Klettersteig and a minor case of the jitters

Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th August

Weather is forecast to be showery so, we have decided that on Friday we will take a city break but, today being Thursday and not forecast to rain till later we set off to find another klettersteig/Via Ferrata. A great way to fill a morning.

ASIDE: If you are coming late to this blog and don’t know what a klettersteig/ Via Ferrata is then please click on the link above or refer to this very same Blog for days 19 & 20.

Anyway, this one is high. Over 400m (1300 feet). It is supposed to take about 2.5 hours from bottom to top (though Mr & Mrs Acclimatised manage it in a very smug 1 hour 50 minutes). It is graded C, which is medium difficulty.

Mrs P loves this climb…

Mrs P. In her element about 350 metres up

I, on the other hand, am less than enthusiastic. For some reason the exposure makes me nervous. Not sure why this is but it sometimes happens.

For those who don’t know, I took up climbing to rid myself of an irrational fear of heights. It worked. Mostly. However, some days, I just get edgy. Usually because I am tired or just a bit under par.

Mr P takes photo of trembling knee.

ASIDE: the climb starts down by the road. Eek!

Anyway, my sense of unease passed about 2/3 of the way up for no readily apparent reason and I was able to thoroughly enjoy the last 100m or so.

Oddly, by the time this picture is taken, almost at the top, I am quite comfortable. Go figure!?

Maybe because we were close to the top which allowed me to relax? Maybe I am just a bit odd? Answers on a postcard please.

Mr P, following on from his recent impersonation of a matchstick, dresses like a fishing float

9 thoughts on “Day 40 – A very long Klettersteig and a minor case of the jitters

  1. (which I seem to have attached to a previous post – like the 2 Ronnies quiz show sketch where they answer the next question. And it’s in Norfolk, not near it)


  2. You’re not alone in the irrational vertigo phenomenon Neil. I have suffered it for years, usually at the most inconvenient times. Then it doesn’t happen for a while and sneaks up on me again.


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