Day 35 – Back to the grindstone (not!)

Saturday 18th August 2018

Time to say goodbye as we all head for the airport this morning. Mrs P and I are off for a rendezvous with Gandalf back in Switzerland, Mr & Mrs J are headed back to Blighty and the GYKS [still Pr: geeks] are about to embark on their epic 16 hour journey back Hikone in Japan.

Mrs P and SBB – You can see the family likeness. It’s in the genes. Well the denim at least.

Most of day spent hanging around Madrid airport until security spotted us and insisted we get on a plane.

Soon back in the mountains where, in the words of Gandalf…

Cool Gandalf quote kindly provided by Natalia from Villar-del-Olmo

Back with Gandalf we head towards Austria but stop for the night at a Swiss campsite; Camping Wildberg where there is some kind of camping festival going on. We feel right at home here as we are under the flight path for Zurich Airport. Deep joy!

ASIDE: Meanwhile in a city far, far away…

Tomorrow, or today, depending on when you are reading this, or yesterday, or… hey, keep up! Anyway, on Sunday 18th August 2018, a friend of mine is doing a splendid thing and I think it deserves a mention here.

He is competing alongside his son (and a couple of his son’s mates) in the Copenhagen Ironman. It is being held in, you guessed it, Copenhagen. It comprises, for those unfamiliar with such a race:

  • 3.8km (2.4mile) swim
  • 180.25km (112 mile) cycle ride
  • 42.195km (26.2 mile) marathon

It takes on average 12.5 hours to complete and competitors must finish within 15hrs 45 mins. Those of a nervous disposition may need to lie down for a while after reading that. FYI the fastest time for the Copenhagen Ironman is currently 7 hrs 49 mins 18 seconds.

What a great thing to share. They will be supported by a small but vocal team from our home town. We wish them all well, even the supporters who have travelled a long way with nothing more than the promise of beer and shouting.

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