Day 34 – A different type of higher place

Friday 17th August 2018

A lazy day is planned since yesterday we did 2 hikes and had a very late night. This morning Luis has kindly offered to show us round the local church.

If not lost in translation this church site dates back to the 6th Century

Luis speaks a little English but not enough to do justice to the history of the building so we have a choice of translation services available to us;

  1. Astro Boy – Our first and most likely candidate. Speaks good Spanish and is always good value as an orator providing Magnus Pike like animation to any story. Guaranteed to be punctuated by numerous, “haw‘” “ha” and Astro Boy’s signature, “Hey.” We all cross our fingers.
  2. Mrs Astro Boy – Probably more competent in the local lingo, if you want accuracy then Mrs Astro Boy is the place to go. She does however lack the entertainment value provided by her husband. We are still rooting for Astro Boy.
  3. Foggy – Equally as competent as his parents Foggy’s downside is that he is, in some respects, a typical teenager. Translation would go something like this:
    Luis (In Spanish): “Much of the art and treasures of the churches of Spain was looted during the Civil War with only a few pieces being hidden by locals. Much of the statuary you see here now was bought from theatrical companies after the conflict which is why some of them are so colourful”
    Foggy (Translating into English): “There are statues.”

We are hoping that Foggy will turn down the request to translate.

4. SBB – Considerably more talented in Spanish than she would have you believe SBB can get a bit shy. So, while she is perfectly capable of the task we are unlikely to be able to hear what she is whispering.

As expected Astro Boy steps up to the plate and does a great job. As does Luis of course.

Luis – Keeper of the keys and font of all knowledge
This amazing carving is carved from an olive tree and is certainly not of theatrical origin

BBQ in the evening. Last night together. No one is entirely sure when the family will get back together.

BBQ time at Villar-del-Olmo
Mrs P’s birthday floating candles are put to good use

Point of interest: “Foggy” is the name of one of the characters in the BBC series Last of the summer wine. I therefore considered it to be a good name for a Yorkshireman. If a little bit of a vague reference for many.

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