Days 7 & 8 of 120 – Rest days

Two days of rest to avoid the crowds in the mountains. Good choice as it rained heavily most of Saturday morning. Drove Gandalf to a place called Imst.

I noticed that the further from Calais we drove the more diluted become the GB vehicles on the road until, by the time we reached Austria they are diluted to positively homeopathic levels. The same does not seem to be the case with Dutch number plates which seem to multiply the further from the Netherlands you get.

This has been nowhere more apparent than at the site we chose in Imst where, it seems that the Netherlands have sent hordes of beige people to reenact their dull routine of sitting around and doing nothing but in slightly worrying herds.

Gandalf chilling out in Imst

Concerned that ‘beigeness’ might be contagious we move on the next morning to a place called Nassereith advertised as the climbers paradise. We climbed here about 9 years ago so it is long overdue a second visit. Staying at the lovely Camping Rossback where Gandalf is once again nestled amongst hordes of his new mates all sporting Netherland number-plates. Less beige here more dog loving. The 4 caravans next to us have a total of 8 between them! If it is an invasion we know where the canine regiment is crossing the border.

Mr P just before dogs chased him out of the picture

Tune in tomorrow for tales of Mrs P’s birthday.

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