Days 2 – 4 of 120

Well, for those of you anticipating daily updates that was clearly never going to happen. We have been in the mountains for the last 3 days with no signal. I would apologise but I think the matter is out of my hands. Here, for those of you still clinging on in the hope something interesting is a whistle stop tour of days  2-4:


Verdun. Most of the interesting stuff relating to WW1 is outside the town. We visited only the Citadel in the town Where an odd little train takes you round the underground bunkers but fails to leave you with anything other than a sense of mild bemusement and disappointment. Spent rest of hot day chilling out and cycling into town. C01D0040-DDD7-4324-B065-6617F86FCD5E.jpeg


Drove. A lot. 8 hours. Hot. Very, very hot. Fan in van moves hot air round in a similar way to a fan oven, but fails to bring interior temperature down below 31 degrees c. As a result the day is a tour of motorway service areas where soporific drivers swap places.

Does anyone know by the way, why we pay any attention to our Satnavs? Why would we ever want to drive through beautiful countryside with access to lots of lovely peaceful campsites, like we have done every other B.S. (Before Satnav) year when we can utter the the phrase; “I’m sure the Satnav way will be better.” and drive through Bern and Zurich in the rush hour?

Finally found a beautiful campsite in Switzerland (expensive) next to main road and railway line (probably expensive). Stunning views but did I mention the main road and the railway line?



More driving. Managed 3 countries in less than 30 minutes. Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Austria. Lichtenstein is cool. Border security comprised two police officers failing to pay any attention to us as we sailed happily by.

Austria quickly provided us with some wiggly roads that Cycling fans would love.F7C0978F-33C3-4527-A7CC-AD5727F526E1.jpegmid-morning saw us in Parking area  near Bielerhohe (western Austria) preparing our mountain kit ready to head up into the mountains for a couple of days.  It takes a surprising length of time to pack a rucksack. That and the 2 1/4 hour walk meant we didn’t get to the Wiesbadener Hüette till 5.30pm. Just in time for dinner! (Silver lining).  Mrs P says she isn’t looking forward to spending a night in a dormitory full of snoring, smelly, sweaty people. When I tell her I think we have the place to ourselves she says; “Exactly.” 

ASIDE – Rest day tomorrow (affectionately known as day 7 or Saturday to his friends). Rain is forecast so, watch this space as I regale you with tales from the appropriately named days 5 & 6. Read about Mrs P and the boot camp; an accidental summit (almost) and a brush with debtors jail. See you soon.

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