Day 1 of 120

Crossed the millpond to France where our French cousins are continuing our most recent and unusual of English traditions, the heatwave. In order however to prove it is specific to France it is of course called “Le heatwave.” This is great if sitting by the pool, less great if driving in a van with no air conditioning. Oh for a teleport machine. That or an ice cream.

Today we drove to Verdun, only narrowly missing the Tour de France which, annoyingly, we could have watched via a simple and remarkably short detour had I had the foresight to look at the route beforehand. Mrs P was not entirely impressed with my planning in this respect.

Arrived late afternoon at a lovely campsite in Verdun – Camping Les Breuils. Someone stole our spot, though this is to prove a good thing as the new spot we are given has great shade unlike the original which is in the full glare of 30 degrees C of heat. Justice a la meteo.

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